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About us

Yoga Statement is an online yoga design and lifestyle shop for today's modern shoppers.  

We are a family owned business located in Houston, Texas. We are focused on bringing you designs of high quality yoga inspired, Buddha, uplifting and funny printed t-shirts and high quality household products with the most unique designs that you'll find.  Check out the ever expanding yoga inspired collections.

Customers place their orders online through our website at their convenience. Customer Service is available for awesome customers 24/7 by email and through our contact page.

We offer custom imprinting with high quality materials and with precision from the newest printing technology. The imprinting material itself contains no harmful chemicals and it's safe and pleasant to wear.  All items are printed in the United States.

You can purchase as few as one for yourself, or two – one for you and one for your very best friend/partner, or as much as thousands for your movement since our imprinting method allows for small or large quantities.

We look forward to being of service to you. We hope you enjoy your visit with us today and mark us as your favorite yoga inspired wear.

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Contact us at support at if you have questions.